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An Open Letter To 17-Year-Old Me

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“Remember, we are our own griefs, my dear, we are our own happiness and we are our own remedies.” – Huseyn RazaTo my 17-year-old self,Hello, Beautiful!We are about one week out from our 27th birthday.

Ten years from where you are now. And my love, what a decade it has been.I know that you are in the midst of going into your senior year of high school, and becoming Dance Team captain, and starting as a camp counselor, and applying to college.

And I know that on paper, that sounds like a lot of fun and kind of like a dream come true. And I know that you are putting on smiles and sparkles for the world to see, winning awards for your academics and extracurriculars, all the while continuing to be a good friend and an even better daughter.

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