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Always Exhausted? Native Wisdom to Restore Your Energy

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TRIGGER WARNING: This post references sexual assault and may be triggering to some people. “Spirit carved by NatureHere I am.Slowly ascendingtoward my own profundity.”~Elicura Chihuailaf That exhaustion you feel when your body is fighting something, the feeling of being completely drained to the point where you can barely move your body….

that’s how I felt when I was living with trauma. Over the years it had piled up inside of me—the sexual assault I survived one night after I’d just turned twenty, the physical and emotional abuse that went on almost daily when I lived with my ex-husband… all of it was still living inside of me.

And every day it was making me feel more and more tired. The difference is, when we come down with, let’s say, a cold, once we fight it and heal, our energy returns, and we feel like ourselves again.

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