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ADHD Symptoms Unmasked by the Pandemic: Diagnoses Spike Among Adults, Children

March 31, 2021When the external scaffolding of school, work, and social routines collapsed last March, two things happened:Suddenly, the masks used to obscure complicated, lifelong symptoms were ripped off, and we were left staring straight into the eyes of ADHD.Anecdotally, we’ve heard this story from hundreds of readers over the last year.

But in the latest of 13 pandemic check-in surveys fielded by ADDitude, the striking number of new diagnoses was quantified: Of 2,365 adult survey respondents, 26.5% said they had received a formal ADHD diagnosis within the last year.

Another 10% said they were diagnosed with another comorbid condition. And up to 11% said they suspected and/or were currently pursuing an evaluation.“Staying at home much.

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