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“ADHD Impulsivity Has Been a Deciding Factor in My Life… Seldom for the Best.”

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ADHD impulsivity may be less glaring, yet no less perilous or impactful.To better understand impulsivity in adulthood, we asked ADDitude readers, “Does your ADHD have a strong impulsivity component?

If so, how has this affected your life? Share a story of a time when you acted on impulse, and the negative (or positive!) result.” Below, find relatable responses from other adults with ADHD; share your experiences in the Comments section below.“Impulsivity has been a deciding factor in my life many times, seldom for the best.

Upon finding out I was pregnant when I was supposed to be physically unable to bear children, I quit my job and relocated to another country to start a family with the father, a man I had met online and had only spent 3.

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