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ADHD Impairment Peaks in Menopause, According to ADDitude Reader Survey

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menopause the period in which “ADHD had the greatest overall impact on their lives.” Only 17 percent said the same about ADHD symptoms in their 20s and 30s, and even fewer before then.MENOPAUSE & ADHD SURVEYPlease click to complete the ADDitude survey on the impact of menopause on ADHD symptoms among women.

Thank you!“Perimenopause and the pandemic were an awful combination,” wrote one survey respondent. “Everything fell apart. I couldn’t cope, sought diagnosis, and realize now I struggled all along, but particularly when estrogen was surging and declining.”Mid-life hormonal fluctuations began, on average, at age 45 with perimenopause and continued with the onset of menopause at age 49 for ADDitude survey respondents.

During this stage, the most impactful ADHD symptoms were brain fog or memory issues, and overwhelm, both of which 70 percent of women said had a “life-altering impact” in their 40s and 50s.

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