lie treating adults ADHD and Lying

“ADHD Demands Energy. Lying Conserves My Reserve.”

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ADHD and lying in the Comments section below.“As someone with ADHD who has been criticized, belittled, invalidated, etc., lying becomes a part of your existence that covers up the ‘bad,’ ‘thick,’ ‘lazy’ person you think you are.

Lying is a massive coping strategy to help overcome years of believing negative stuff about yourself. When you’re diagnosed at 60, the lies are so entrenched in your fabric of being, it’s very difficult to put the coping mechanism of lying to bed.

I am explaining the reasons for lying, not excusing it.” –Kathleen“Sometimes lying is — well — easier. Coming up with a quick-and-easy response requires less energy than processing my thoughts about the question, and organizing an articulate response. ADHD demands a lot of.

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