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ADHD Awareness Requires Comorbidity Awareness: ADDitude on Anxiety, Depression, LDs, and Beyond

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September 30, 2022ADHD loves company.Of adults with ADHD, 72 percent have anxiety, and 70 percent report depression, according to a recent ADDitude survey of 1,500 readers.

These are the two most common comorbid conditions diagnosed alongside ADHD. Also topping the list: sleep disorders, eating disorders, learning differences, and autism spectrum disorder, all of which also impact children with ADHD.Overlapping and intermingling symptoms complicate diagnosis, treatment, and self-esteem for many individuals with ADHD, who may go years or even decades without a full and complete diagnosis.

The ramifications of that can be severe.“I have ADHD and comorbid conditions of anxiety, depression, and disordered eating,” wrote one ADDitude survey respondent. “The symptoms from each condition overlap and shift daily (or hourly).

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