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Adapting Self-Talk and Affirmations for Life With Chronic Illness

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“It’ll do.” “It’s good enough.” “You’re doing so well.” “Good job.” “Time to rest.” “Not going to happen today.” “Maybe tomorrow.” In my previous life, by which I mean life before chronic illness, I always had a whole range of “self-talk” language helping me achieve my goals.

They were all positive, affirmative statements like: “You can do it.” “You’ve got this.” “Keep on going.” “Don’t give up.” Fast forward to a life of disability and extreme pain, causing my life to resemble little of how it used to be, my self-talk vocabulary needed a major overhaul.

Dealing With Perfectionism I’ve always been a perfectionist. Always wanting to ensure no matter what task was in front of me, I would give it my all.

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