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Accepting the 'New Normal' in Life With Muscular Dystrophy

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You’d be surprised what you take for granted. Those things you don’t even think of but are naturally a part of life. In elementary school, I spent afternoons on the softball field swinging my bat and gleefully whizzing from base to base until I stole home.

Stealing bases turned into stealing glances at crushes as I ran between floors for classes at my rather large high school. I found my second home at Framingham State University where I spent my days in fashion and merchandising classes, sewing pieces for the runways, planning fashion club events, and making tons of friends a long the way, especially in Black Student Union.

My nights were equally eventful as my girls and I got dressed up and made our way to parties and events. I loved to sew, modeling my designs from the liked of Kimora Lee Simmons and Betsey Johnson — my favorites.

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