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A Year Without Sex Forced Me to Finally Confront My Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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“And your sex life?” asked the pain psychologist in a soft tone of voice that could only be harnessed by someone who was well-versed in navigating these sensitive topics.

My voice cracked almost immediately as I started to explain that sex just wasn’t possible for me anymore between the hip dislocations, extreme fatigue, and spontaneous projectile vomiting. “How long has it been?” she asked. “Almost a year,” I responded, unable to make eye contact. “Sounds like this is really hard on you,” she said with a kind smile.

Something about her empathy broke me, and I started sobbing uncontrollably. After a little more talking, she honed in on the fact that my libido hadn’t evaporated, and there was something else that was actively deterring me from attempting to restore my sex life… and she was right.

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