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A Therapist’s Reflection In the Face of a Patient’s Death

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Michelle P. Maidenberg, Ph.D., MPH, LCSW-R maintains a private practice in Harrison, NY. She is also the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of “Thru My Eyes”, a nonprofit 501c3 organization that offers free clinically-guided videotaping to chronically medically ill individuals who want to leave video legacies for their children and loved ones.

Check out Michelle’s new book: ACE Your Life: Unleash Your Best Self and Live the Life You Want. Michelle highlights understanding and embodying the barriers to Acceptance, Compassion, and Empowerment which will help you break free from habitual patterns and monotony that prevent you from unleashing your best self and living the life you want.

With a plethora of strategies, inspiring stories, examples, and self-reflective exercises, ACE Your Life is a unique roadmap for anyone seeking to move beyond feeling “stuck.” Michelle provides encouraging, inspirational, and easily actionable tools for anyone’s situation-from individuals seeking personal growth and enhancement to those feeling “stuck” from trauma, cumulative stress, or other significant challenges..

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