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A Stay-at-Home Mom Drives Autism Advocacy with the Turo Car Sharing Marketplace

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is to “put the world’s 1.5 billion cars to better use.”Colorado stay-at-home mom, Michelle Perez, had a car that spent most of its time in the driveway.

After starting her family in 2011, her circumstances rapidly changed when her 18-month-old son was diagnosed with autism. At the time, both Michelle and her husband were working fulltime and started investigating in-home therapy options.

Before long, they were burnt out from balancing new parenthood, full-time work and therapy visits. Something had to give, leading Michelle to resign and step into a new role as a full-time, stay-at-home mom.In 2022, Michelle finally found herself with spare hours in her day and began her job search in earnest, searching for a position that would allow her to contribute to the family financially while still providing her with enough time and flexibility to look after her son. “I always had the feeling I could do more to help out my household,” she says.

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