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A Letter to My Narcissist Father

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you held me back more than you ever helped and that’s a fact the best thing I did, was realize you are not healthyYou are not willingYou will keep killingthis beautiful girl that’s now healingit’s easier to writewhen the truth is on my sidewhen I opened my eyestears came falling..screams went yelling and now my story I am tellingI say no to youI say no to youI am walking away28 yearsand little did I know you have been the cause of my tears then you wipe them up like Its not realask me how I feeljust to gain ammunition what’s your dealoh ya you’re sickbut you’ll never believe this so I walk awayI have no choice, and honestly there isn’t another way used to stay up and praythat maybe the god you believed incould help you see what you dothat.

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