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A Lesson for the Ages: A Tale of What This Badly Injured Younger Person Learnt from the Elderly during a Forced Stay in a Retirement Home

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My life took an unexpected turn or I should say ‘’dive’ last year when I had a very bad accident. I fell off my balcony located five floors above ground in Ottawa and when I hit the concrete below, I broke both my limbs and other bones in my body.

I was told that I had been very lucky to survive.After a long stay at the hospital, I found myself, in a convalescence center (a place someone goes to when they are sufficiently well to leave the hospital but not well enough to go home) that was also located in one of the largest retirement homes of Ottawa.Here I was, a relatively younger person, immobilized on a bed for many months to come and slated to be in a wheelchair at some point after that for even more months, surrounded by mostly much

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