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A Helping Hand: How High-Fives With Your Reflection Can Teach You Self-Compassion

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SUCCESS Stories, Mel tells Chief Storytelling Officer Kindra Hall why a high-five is such a powerful gesture of self-love, why it’s OK if it feels a little weird at first, and why we shouldn’t reserve self-care for the moment we finally achieve our goals.If a friend is having a hard time, we find it natural to give them a hug, tell them they have the skills and resilience to make it through, and offer them support along the way.If we’re the one worrying about the future and stressed about the present, we find it much harder to locate the light at the end of the tunnel.

If anything, we tend to blame ourselves, which only makes us feel worse about an already difficult situation.The first step of Mel’s High 5 Habit is to look at yourself in.

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