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“A Fear of Labels Caged Me for 45 Years”

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daydreaming; still do. I fidgeted constantly — then and now. Still, I remained undiagnosed until age 45. When it finally came, my ADHD diagnosis helped to explain why my life had taken such “squirrelly” turns despite the fact that I was a relatively high achiever.For me, grade school was like going to the playground every day.

I enjoyed my classmates, learning, and most of my teachers. My grades throughout school were mostly As and Bs. I was placed in an accelerated learning track and graduated high school at age 16.

My aunt, who was an educator, suggested to my parents, at some point, that I may have had ADD. My father wouldn’t hear of anything that could label me.I went to college, majored in secondary education and English, and didn’t finish — a symptom.

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