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A Eulogy For The What Ifs We Need To Let Go Of

“what if” could make a difference.What if I took the risk?What if I told him I love him?What if I was there for her before she left?What if I said yes?Sadly, the most painful goodbyes are those left unsaid, those that were never explained.But the truth is, our what ifs can’t give us another moment where we can try again. Our what ifs can’t get back what we already lost or bring back the memory we should’ve had.

Our what ifs can’t bring back the dead as we hope for another laugh with a loved one. Our what ifs can’t restore the self-worth we’ve lost.

Our what ifs can’t bring back anything we desire.This is where we are.Standing at the same place we were left. Still stuck at this very same place, waiting for some miracle to hit us.

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