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A Crazy Way to Stay Sane During the Quarantine – Part 5; The Grind

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This is the fifth installment in a series of stories tracking our writer Matt Crossman’s progress on improving his scores in the SAT for Sports … if he makes any (and that’s a 40-yard tall IF).We were way out in the middle of nowhere Missouri on a long and lonely stretch of the Katy Trail, a bike path that runs east to west across the center of the state.

It was dark and cold and I was miserable after 12 hours and counting of pedaling, pedaling, always pedaling.We had maybe an hour left in when my friend John shouted, “Hold on!

Stop!” from behind me. I wanted nothing more than for this ride to be over. Stopping would only delay that. We were so close to the end, whatever John wanted could wait.

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