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A Chinese Dinosaur That Went for a Swim

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Courses Protect Proof of a Theropod Dinosaur Taking a dip. A group of researchers from China, upheld by partners from the College of Alberta (Canada), have distributed a report on a progression of dinosaur tracks, one of which shows that a little Theropod dinosaur swam across a waterway, an interesting occurrence of dinosaur swimming conduct safeguarded as a fossil footprint.

The fossilized track is only one of a progression of dinosaur courses protected in the Lower Cretaceous layers of the Feitianshan Development of the Sichuan Region (China).

The region has been broadly quarried, and tragically, many impressions have been obliterated. Yet, the worldwide group of ichnologists (researchers who spend significant time concentrating on images and tracks) has had the option to recognize a progression of Ornithopod tracks in addition to the vast impressions of a Titanosaur (long-necked Dinosaur).

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