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“A $400 Adrenaline Rush:” Stories of Impulse Buying with ADHD

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If you’ve ever found a new shirt… or cell phone… or road bike too tempting to resist, only to regret the purchase later, you’re not alone.

Impulsivity due to poor executive functioning is one of the most common — and most expensive — symptoms of ADHD. It prompts individuals to open their wallets for unplanned purchases which often go unused, and which sometimes — though not always — become a source of regret.Here, ADDitude readers share their stories and experiences of impulse buying — from big-ticket items (speedboat, anyone?) to minor acquisitions (fetching fake eyelashes).

What is your most memorable story of impulsive retail therapy? Share it in the Comments section below.“I have spent more than $1,000 in a month on the Candy Crush game, just absentmindedly and impulsively clicking to buy more in-game currency.

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