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91 Inspiring Mark Wahlberg Quotes On Success

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Check out these inspiring quotes by Mark Wahlberg on his acting career and life experience!1. “All that running around in my underwear put money in my pockets.

I can focus on working in interesting movies without having to worry about supporting myself.” – Mark Wahlberg2. “I have a lot of real life experience with hustling and doing stupid stuff.” – Mark Wahlberg3. “I want people to come see my films and enjoy them but at the end of the day you can’t control what people think.” – Mark Wahlberg4. “[I want to be remembered] as a great servant of God who tried to give back as much as possible, and as a great father and husband.” – Mark Wahlberg5. “I’ve been in enough movies to know that when you’re on the set and you start shooting, you’re.

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