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9 Tips to Survive College and Save Money

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College is a trying time for many reasons; many students incur debt, and many more struggle to balance their finances and education.

While a college education is highly beneficial to students who enter the workforce with a degree-backed skillset, just surviving the college experience, let alone paying those after-college debts, is difficult.

Whether your college problems are as simple as sharing a large file with a classmate or as arduous as making financial ends meet, we’ll give you some essential tips to help you survive college, focus on your education, and save money while you progress toward your degree. Surviving College: Essential Tips to Keep in Mind With the right preparation and approach, you will have the best chance to not only survive college, but thrive while acquiring your education.  Find the Right College Before you set your heart on the most prestigious university in your state, consider your budget, interests, and post-college career goals.

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