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9 Tips for Overcoming Setbacks from 9 Resilient Entrepreneurs

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—Ann Noder, CEO and founder of Pitch Public RelationsI have a keen sense of injustice, and rightly or wrongly I interpret most setbacks as a personal affront.

Invariably someone has not acted properly, something is rotten in Denmark, and I can’t rest easy until the world has been set to rights.—Jenette Goldstein is founder and CEO of Jenette Bras As a Jewish-Iranian immigrant, I realize the amazing opportunities this country has given me that I would not have had in Iran.

I see the sacrifice my parents made to leave everything and bring their children here. That gives me an insane drive to succeed so that I can make a meaningful impact.—Sheila Nazarian, CEO of Nazarian Plastic SurgeryI’ve learned to approach my business from a healthy.

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