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9 Grocery Store Hacks Our Wellness Editor Uses to Save Money and Eat Healthier

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healthy grocery shopping (as everyone should be), here’s a little present of Justin Timberlake excited about his healthy grocery shopping, from me to you (I mean, check out that array of fruit!):   Now that we got that out of the way (though JT, if you’re reading this as I know you probably are, you’re invited to grocery shop with me anytime), here are 10 grocery store hacks I use every single week for the healthiest and most cost-effective kitchen.

The middle aisles are more processed and are typically costly or unhealthy, whereas the outside perimeter is where all the fresh, unpackaged foods are.

Start with the produce and make your way around to the dairy (vegan alternatives included), meats (ditto on the vegan), and if your store has a fresh bakery, it will be on the outside perimeter as well.

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