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8 Toxic Phrases You Need To Stop Saying Your Son

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As parents, we have so much influence over our children. The thing is- our words have power, and if we want our sons to grow into the best men they can possibly be, we have to choose our words carefully.There are so many phrases that have been used with boys for generations, and many of those phrases are inherently toxic.

In the past, parents raised their boys based on age stereotypes, which unfortunately can lead to damaged and broken men. When we approach our boys with a rigid idea of what a boy is, instead of letting them be who they are, we are breaking them when we could be empowering them.Here are 8 toxic phrases to stop saying immediately.When we dismiss bad behaviors with the excuse that they are ‘just a boy,’ we open the door for them to use that excuse to get away with things they should not.

This phrase is half the reason why many boys engage in toxic behaviors because they have been told it’s okay because they are men.Emotional invalidation is damaging to everyone, and it is commonplace for parents to invalidate the emotions of their sons.

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