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8 Things to Always Have in Your House If You Have Endometriosis

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I’m not gonna lie. Learning to cope with endometriosis or any kind of chronic illness can have a steep learning curve. Discovering what endometriosis pain relief products work and don’t work and what you actually need during a flare-up takes time and a bit of interoception, meaning awareness of what is actually going on in your body.

It took me the better part of a decade, well into my 20s, to develop an arsenal of tools that I could reliably turn to to help manage my endometriosis pain.

These are the top eight endometriosis symptom relief products that I always keep on hand. 1. Heating Pad for Endometriosis Pain Relief I love this heating pad because not only does it provide heat, it provides weight and built-in massage with its vibration feature.

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