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7 Ways to Simplify Life and Focus on What Matters

About 6 years ago, I donated 15-20% of my belongings to charity. It was a very freeing and cleansing experience. I still have my fair share of belongings, but I try to be more thoughtful about what I add to my belongings.

I also live on the principle of for everything you get, you give something away. If you have not worn it for a year, if it is not beautiful, if it does not have a special memory and meaning, or it does not serve a purpose, let it go.

This is just one example of ways that we can simplify our lives and focus on what matters, but what are others? 1. Work down-time into your day No matter how many things are on you’re to-do list, or how many directions you are being pulled in, always schedule extra “me time” into each day.

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