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7 Ways To Build A Strong Parent Child Relationship

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The relationship we share with our kids is so important. We often think about the major choices and decisions we make as the most defining moments when in reality, the defining moments are in the small every day things we do for our kids.Looking back at even my childhood, I can see that the small, sweet moments I shared with my mother meant far more to me than everything else.

As a parent now, I have thought a lot about those small efforts my mother made, and have strived to show up and show out in those small moments for my little ones.

If you are like me and want to be the best parent you can be, I implore you to carry out these tasks. None of them require a ton of money or even a ton of time.In the modern world, it has become so acceptable to stay tuned in to social media, our smartphones, and what is going on in the modern world, that many of us are constantly distracted.

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