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7 Stretching Exercises to Help You Wake Up Happier

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increasing the blood flow to your muscles. Stretching is the perfect way to start each day, and you can make it a habit by implementing it into your morning routine.As you wake up in the morning, you likely experience the urge to get back into bed or slowly get ready.

You might not be excited to start the day, or it might be that you lack the motivation to get going. With morning stretching exercises, you will be more joyful as you begin the day and knock out your tasks more effectively.If you drink coffee in the morning, it is a great way to take in caffeine and give you a jumpstart to your day.

It won’t last, though, and you’ll soon feel groggy again while also experiencing brain fog. With stretching, that doesn’t happen because there isn’t an external stimulus that you depend on.The positive effects of stretching exercises will stay with you throughout the day, helping you feel happier and more energetic.

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