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7 Signs Of Physical And Emotional Abuse To Look Out For In Children

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I could never in a million years abuse a child, but I know that there are bad people in this world that do. As responsible, well-meaning individuals that don’t abuse kids, it’s our job to know the signs of abuse and step in and help a child that is in a vulnerable position.A lot of times, I think people tend to look the other way, either because they don’t want to believe that abuse is taking place or because they want to ‘mind their own business,’ but the thing is, when it comes to kids it is YOUR BUSINESS.

Not only is it your business, but it’s also your responsibility to step in and try to figure out what is going on. The best and easiest way to help the children is to stay empowered with knowledge.

Learn what the signs of abuse are, and step in when it’s necessary to help. Here are 7 signs of emotional and physical abuse and what to do when you notice them.A child that has been abused will be skittish around adults.

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