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7 Pieces of Wisdom Most People Don’t Learn until Their 40s

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Do what the super-smart ones do. Learn from the mistakes of those who came before you and avoid the treacherous pitfalls that befall most folks in their 20s and 30s.There was always one question that hamstrung me whenever I considered making a bold move.What will others think?It’s natural to fear harsh judgment and disapproval.

The onslaught of rebuke can trigger feelings of shame. In truth, it’s rarely as bad as we expect, and you can defend against it with a simple tactic — silence.Complete disdain silences the judgy types without compromising your integrity.

They’re so unworthy of a reply that you refuse to acknowledge them. It’s the most empowering response to the vitriol of others.A point will come where you tame the beast of.

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