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6 Signs Your Child Is Manipulating You

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As kids begin to learn the ropes, they also learn how far they can push limits. While it may be hard to face, for some, a major part of this can manifest as manipulation.No parent wants to admit their child is manipulating them, but the sooner you nip this behavior in the bud, the sooner you put a stop to it.

The last thing you want to do is give in to your child’s manipulation. While it may be hard to do if you don’t realize what is happening, as soon as you realize what is happening-it’s best to stop feeding into it.

Otherwise, this behavior may continue to bloom and while a manipulative child can be taught better, a manipulative adult is another story.Here are 6 signs your child is manipulating you.When your child asks you for something, and you say no, yet they continue to ask, this is badgering.

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