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6 Phrases That Can Unknowingly Harm Your Child

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Now, research is showing more and more the impact of emotional support and the impact on the way we talk to our children. If you find that you are saying any of the following, don’t beat yourself up, just make sure to begin using the better phrases provided instead.I grew up in a time when people did not understand that saying things like “You are fine, ” “Stop crying,” or the old “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!” was emotionally invalidating.

When you do this, you are making your child fear their emotions. This can be quite harmful. Instead, try to understand what is wrong and let them know it is okay to be upset.When you use this phrase, you are insinuating that you are unhappy with their body.

Because kids learn from us, they may also begin to wonder if something is wrong with their bodies. Instead of saying ‘diet’ focus on healthy eating and how it makes you feel.We all want our kids to be okay.

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