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5 Ways My Mother Used Financial Abuse to Control and Ridicule Me

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Growing up, people would’ve called me “spoiled” purely on the basis of how often my parents gifted me with new stuff. I didn’t act spoiled, though, at least to the best of my knowledge; in fact, I overly worry now that I don’t appear grateful for gifts (even small gifts, like a candy bar) and go overboard in showing my appreciation.

No, I believe I was always appreciative, even when the Christmas presents were large and extravagant. My dad worked hard for us, and my mother would often ask if I wanted a new video game or CD just because they were at the store.

You’re probably reading this thinking, “Wow, what a good mother,” right? On the surface, sure; my mother in particular couldn’t stop showering me with gifts, but hidden beneath that generosity there was darkness from which I’ve only recently broken way.

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