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5 Tips for Being Active Again When Your Health Has Kept You Sidelined

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I have to confess something: I hate exercise. Runner’s high? Never got it. Endorphins? Mine are defective, apparently. I just don’t like any form of traditional exercise – but I do like certain “active” things, and I would say our definition of exercise can be a bit narrow.

If you’ve ever spring cleaned your house, you know that it is definitely exercise. When you have a chronic condition that has limited your ability to exercise (whether you loved it, or are more like me), trying to get back into it can be daunting and terrifying.

I have a heart condition that causes the rate to rise rapidly from very little exertion — inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Walking to the mailbox it would be well over 100 bpm – and up a flight of stairs, it could be in the 140s.

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