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“5 Things Your ADHD Kid Means (But Forgets) to Tell You on Mother’s Day”

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Being a mom is a thankless job. Sure, there’s a full day (a whole 24 hours!) dedicated to appreciating Mothers, but we all know appreciation from loved ones isn’t guaranteed on this day.If you’re a mom who is raising children with ADHD, you may have complicated feelings about Mother’s Day.

You may feel unnoticed and left out on this day, as the unique challenges and joys of caring for a neurodivergent child aren’t often widely represented.

A “thank you” from your little one would be wonderful, you say. Then again, you also recognize that your child may have trouble expressing their thoughts and how they really feel about you, much less planning and executing breakfast in bed.So this one’s for the amazing moms who are always in their kiddo’s corner, no matter what.

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