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5 Things to Do When You’re Beyond Stressed

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A few months ago, after decades of solo entrepreneurship, I took a job as a freelance writer.I knew there would be an uphill learning curve, but I believed that a certain amount of stress would be good for me.

In fact, studies show that some amount of stress is healthy, for many reasons.Fast forward to a snapshot of me at the end of day one of my new job: I was camped out on the couch, so completely wiped out that I could not muster the energy to get up and make myself a cup of tea.

My mind was a puddle.A conversation between my husband and me went a little like this:“What do you want for dinner?” he asked.“I don’t know,” I answered. “Whatever.”“Would you like a glass of wine?”I nodded.“Red or white?”“Um, I don’t know.”“Are you okay?”I wasn’t okay.

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