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5 Pick-Me-Up Tips to Boost Your Happiness

Where do you turn when you need a happiness pick-me-up?They are a great distraction and require total focus on what’s in front of you and not what’s behind you.—Alex Pomeroy, co-founder and partner of AGO PartnersWhether it’s a great facial, an endorphin-filled workout or a five-minute walking meditation, come back to center and briefly focus on self-love.—Stephanie Biegel, chief strategy officer and founder at KeyA complete change of scenery is usually a good move when I want to turn things around and clear my mind.

For me, gardening and just in the sun exerting energy is a great happiness pick-me-up.—Donald Albright, president and co-founder of Tenderfoot TVI have eclectic taste so it’s not genre-specific.

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