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5 Natural Ways to Help With Epilepsy

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Of the over 3 million adults and 470,000 children in the US with epilepsy, around 95% took prescription antiepileptic drugs to control their seizures.

But while this brain disorder is widespread, there are many types of epilepsy, and each person might be affected differently, respond to different triggers, and deal with unique seizures.

That is why 56% of those choosing medical treatments still have recurring seizures. While antiepileptic drugs and surgery are still some of the most effective ways to control epilepsy, there are some natural, noninvasive remedies worth trying – learn about them below and talk to your neurologist.  Before We Start: What Exactly Is Epilepsy? For thousands of people with epilepsy, prescription drugs might not be enough to regain control over their health and life.

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