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5 Best Pizza Steels for 2021 : A Review

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Gourmetrics Baking Steel is made Hochwarmeleitended special steel to achieve the highest heat retention capacity. This baking steel comes pre-seasoned which makes it ready to use, be it for the grill, oven, or even for the freezer compartment.

It has a dimension of 32 x 0.8 x 32 cm.Heat Conductivity – Because it is made out of quality steel material, heat retention or conductivity is one of its best assets.

This plate makes the transfer of heat rapidly which helps the baking process faster than the others.Multi-purpose – This product is not only designed for pizza, it can also be used in bread, ice creams, and others.Domestic Design – The design is not only for commercial use, it is predesigned for domestic use, for your home oven.

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