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42 Raw Confessions from Women with ADHD

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The world is seriously misinformed about how women and girls experience ADHD.This is the overwhelming sentiment reflected across Instagram comments in response to ADDitude’s question: What do you wish the world knew about being a girl or woman with ADHD?From the significance of hormonal fluctuations to the weight of stigma, shame, and misunderstood symptoms, here’s what women need you to know about what it’s like to grow up and live with ADHD.What else should the world know about being a woman with ADHD?

Tell us in the comments (or join in on the conversation via Instagram!)“Being a mother with ADHD and having children with ADHD is even harder because the world expects you to parent like neither of you have it.” — @softballgarden“Our hyperactivity is internal.

It’s in our minds. And we are made to hide it. So we are EXHAUSTED from masking. You see us sitting still, but we’re not.

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