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41 Delightful Short Poems That Will Haul At Your Emotions

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Raindrops on this pageWind blows my paper awayOh crap! I need that!It’s all I have to bring today—This, and my heart beside—This, and my heart, and all the fields—And all the meadows wide—Be sure you count—should I forgetSomeone the sum could tell—This, and my heart, and all the BeesWhich in the Clover dwell.You fit into melike a hook into an eyeA fish hookan open eyeI know thou art free from earth’s sordid control, In the beautiful mansions above—That sorrow can never be flung o’er the soul  That rests in the bosom of Love.I know that the wing of thy spirit is furled  By the palm-shaded fountains of bliss.That erst in its strife for the bright upper world  Was bruised and enfeebled in this.For oft as I gaze on thy dwelling of light,  When.

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