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4 Reasons Why Your Kids Don’t Need A Perfect Mother, Just A Positive One

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There is so much pressure in modern times to be the perfect mother, to be the perfect spouse, and to, generally, be perfect.

However, the thing is- perfection is not only impossible, but it is also unnecessary.Social media has made it way too easy for people to make a highlight reel and put off to the rest of the world that their lives are perfect.

Not only is it easier to pretend-it’s incentivized with the monetization of influencers. And then, there are the constant mom-shamers, who will siphon through your posts about motherhood with a fine toothed comb, just looking for the right moment to tell you everything you are doing wrong.The thing is- no one is perfect, not even those seemingly perfect ‘mom-influencers.’Your kids do not need you to be perfect.

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