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4 Reasons Adults Give Up on ADHD Medication: Solving Nonadherence and Treatment Inconsistency

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1Medication nonadherence often happens when patients misunderstand the nature of ADHD itself and how medications help, and/or when clinicians make incorrect dosing decisions and harbor negative attitudes around medication.No matter the reason, prescribers must understand and address the following barriers to ADHD medication adherence to provide the best care possible for patients and improve long-term outcomes.This is the single biggest cause of medication nonadherence.

Ask a patient why they stopped taking an ADHD prescription, and you’ll hear: “I don’t know why I was taking the medication in the first place.”Often, the motivation to start medication doesn’t come from the patient, but from another adult like a spouse or employer who is affected by the symptoms.

Some patients are brought in while others have bought in. In many cases, the patient doesn’t see a problem at all, or is in denial.

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