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4 Must-Read Books for a Successful Summer

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. Take a listen! Disclaimer: I didn’t include my book , which is available now, or the upcoming, which is available to preorder.

My sincere hope is that you’ll enjoy them as much as I love the books on my list. Here’s my summer hot list and why I love them.Charles Duhigg’s book is a favorite among entrepreneurs, but I discovered it at a time in my life when work was secondary to caring for my babies, who were both under 2.

In between orchestrating naps, managing feedings and changing mountains of diapers, I devoured Duhigg’s book about how habits are formed and how to break them.The teaser trailer is that a habit is made up of three different parts:Duhigg’s simple but effective solution to breaking your habits is to recognize the cue and.

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