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4 Essential Truths Holding You Back from a Better Life and What to Do to Become Your Best Self.

“We are not satisfied with our real life. We want to live an imaginary life, a life in which we seem different in the eyes of other people than we are in reality.” — Blaise Pascal.Do you spend a lot of time reading self-improvement articles on Medium?Have you bought a bunch of self-help books in recent months, trying to become a better version of yourself?… Has any of it worked?We all enjoy the idea of being better, and we like to tell people that we’re “working on ourselves.” But there’s a difference between that and achieving real, lasting improvement.Is there a real drive to change, deep down inside of you — or are you just reacting to peer pressure, TEDx Talk overload, and exposure to Insta bods?I know because I’ve been there.

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