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“4 ADHD Defense Mechanisms – and How to Break Them”

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As a psychotherapist, an ADHD coach, and someone who lives with ADHD, I understand fully how the shame, stress, and anxiety of our symptoms and challenges – from procrastination and forgetfulness to time blindness and impulsivity – cause many of us to develop defense mechanisms.

We seek to protect ourselves, especially when ADHD causes us to be consistently inconsistent and disappoint the people in our lives, by developing coping strategies that sometimes cause us more harm than good.The following four defense mechanisms commonly develop among individuals with ADHD:Blaming as a defense mechanism looks like making others responsible for the occurrence of an ADHD symptom and its consequences, as seen in the following examples:Your child forgets that an assignment is due.

The due date was posted and announced, yet they blame the teacher for not being clear enough about the deadline.You arrive late to an event.

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