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3 Ways Airing Grievances Creates Negativity

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Chronic grumblers prefer to use words like “always,” “never,” or “too” in their general conversation. They say things like, “It’s always too cold here,” “I never have good luck,” or “They always do that and never think of me.”Dealing with such attitudes can try the most patient mate, family, friend, or coworker.

You’ll hear a usual list of grievances from A to Z, including past grudges. Try as you will; they’ll always find some reason to be ungrateful and petty.Do you see some of these negative patterns in your speech and actions?

Many chronic grouches often try to excuse their behavior by saying, “that’s just how I am,” or “I tell it like it is.” But what if how you are and your skewed opinions hurt you more than the supposed problems?

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