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3 Unlikely Relapse Triggers in Your Addiction Recovery


“That’s nice talk, Ben – keep drinking. Between the 101-proof breath and the occasional bits of drool, some interesting words come out.” “Leaving Las Vegas,” a 1995 Mike Figgis film, starring Nicolas Cage & Elisabeth Shue For a while, like the poor character of Ben in the film “Leaving Las Vegas,” I toyed with the idea of a supposedly romantic death from drinking.

However, in the same liquor-soaked breath, I’d have laughed at myself, knowing I would never have the guts to do something so final.

I loved the film when I was a full-on alcoholic, and, now clean and sober, quite a few years later, I still love it – the wonderfully-crafted characters (who still seem so very real to me) and the writing – so skillfully done, so accurate.

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