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3 tips to help you navigate the mental health impacts of a virtual workplace

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how are you feeling about your virtual communication these days?Studies indicate that seeing yourself on screen while in conversation with others is negatively impacting some people’s mental health – and this is especially true for women.While we will be unpacking the mental health impacts of the pandemic for years to come, one related area of research looks at the impacts of self-objectification – a process of being seen as an object or evaluating yourself based on appearance.

This process might get triggered when walking by a mirror, taking a selfie or otherwise focusing on your appearance. Self-objectification can create cognitive and emotional loads that impact performance, especially for women who are socialized to care more about their physical appearance.

For example, studies show that when women self-objectify, such as when trying on swimsuits, they subsequently perform worse on a math test, are less dialed into their physiological state and speak less in mixed-gender groups.

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